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News from the IPN

Contextual Effects in Teaching and Learning Research
18. January 2018
Teacher-specific Interests - How they develop and what factors play a role
17. January 2018
The IPN received a positive evaluation
1. December 2017
PISA 2015: An Interview with Prof. Dr. Köller
1. December 2017
Nano in our every-day life: a blessing or a curse?
24. November 2017
Why do so many mathematics students prematurely drop out?
20. November 2017
Making Energy Visible
10. November 2017
Six young German science talents headed to the 14th International Junior Science Olympiad in Nijmegen, Netherlands
17. October 2017
Science Night in the Kiel region on September 29th, 2017
26. September 2017
Sep. 15th, 2017: Kiel Coastal Cleanup Day 2017
11. September 2017
Minister of Education visits IPN
6. September 2017
Berlin, Dec. 12th, 2017: Symposium “Emphasis on Competencies and Scholastic Aptitude“– register now!
31. August 2017
September 5th, 2017. IPN – Colloquium: Perceptualization of the invisible - An overview over (life)science digital tools and the study of learning
31. August 2017
Ten years Schleswig-Holstein Summer University – a success story of synergy between teachers and science
31. August 2017
August 28th, 2017. IPN – Colloquium: Mobility and Personal Development in Adolescence and Young Adulthood
24. August 2017
10th Schleswig-Holstein Summer University for Teachers at the Sankelmark Academy puts focus on teaching techniques.
Science connects: Third German-Japanese Science Camp in Kiel
2. August 2017