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"IPN-Blätter" - the IPN Newsletter

About the IPN Newsletter and how to subscribe to it



Publisher: IPN - Olshausenstraße 62 - D-24118 Kiel
Email: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]
Tel.: 049 (0)431/880-3155 - Fax 049 (0)431/880-1521
Editors: Margot Janzen, Knut Neumann, Ute Ringelband

The IPN Newsletter is a quarterly online PDF-publication to be found on the IPN website. There is also an 8 500 strong printed paper version which is available free of charge. Articles found in the IPN Newsletter can be printed elsewhere as long as copyright is acknowledged.

Guidelines for subscribers of the IPN Newsletter paper version:

Please help us keep the mailing list current and inform us about the following details by email using the mail address above:

  • If you wish to receive a copy of the paper version and if your address should be included in the mailing list,
  • If you already receive the IPN Newsletter and your address has changed,
  • If your address should be removed from the IPN file.


Please state the following details:

  1. Title, Family name, First name
  2. Street, House number
  3. Postcode, Town
  4. Position/Discipline


In the case of a change of address, please mention both your old and new addresses.