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Research Projects (aphabetical)

European Commission Projects - LEAR & other general contacts


Assistme_logo ASSIST-ME Assess Inquiry in Science, Technology and Mathematics Education
Fig. 1:	Design of the BERLIN Survey (the y-axis shows grades 6 to 13) BERLIN Berlin survey
BioTeC Biology Teachers' Professional Competence

Evaluation of the Approaches and Methods used in the Multidisciplinary Promotion of Reading in Primary Education


Pre-service teachers’ social and emotional competences: Development of a research-based training program

CIDER College for Interdisciplinary Educational Research
COGEA Cognition in Educational Assessment
Decisions making and contexts Students' Abilities in Decision-Making and the Influence of Socio-Scientific Contexts and context-Person-Valences
Determinants of Health Literacy Knowledge, Motivation and Behavior
DoLiS Development of Learning in Science
EIKA Development and implementation of a school-to-work transition concept for schools serving disadvantaged communities
ELBE Detection of Cognitive Learning Processes and Eye-Movements using Eye-Tracking-Methodology
ELMaWi Assessing Subject-Specific Competencies in Teacher Education in Mathematics and Economics
EnergyBio Enhancing understanding of 'energy' by use of (multiple) representations
ESNaS Evaluation of the National Educational Standards for Natural Sciences at the Lower Secondary Level (ESNaS)
establish_logo ESTABLISH European Science and Technology in Action: Building Links with Industry, Schools and Home
EVAT "Entdecken, Verstehen, Anwenden, Transferieren"
EvoVis_Logo.jpg EvoVis Challenging Threshold Concepts in Life Science - enhancing understanding of evolution by visualization
EXPEKT Photonics Explorer - Developing a photonics educational kit for Europe's secondary schools
EXPOneer EXPOneer is a modular exhibition system for pupils to curate and build their own exhibition
logovirtuelleswasser.jpg Grasping the concept of virtual water Concomitant research to the exhibition project: Grasping the concept of virtual water
IBOint Research on the International Biology Olympiad
ICILS International Computer and Information Literacy Study
IRRESISTIBLE EU-Project - Responsible Research and Innovation
keila.png KeiLa The Development of professional competence in pre-service mathematics and science teacher education
KiL Measuring the professional knowledge of preservice mathematics and science teachers
KiSOC Leibniz Science Campus: The Kiel Science Outreach Campus
LEMUR LEarning with MUltiple Representations
LISA 6 An Empirical Study on the Educational Outcomes of Students from Vocational and Academic Upper Secondary Schools
ManKobE Mathematical-scientific competencies in initial vocational training
MILES Methodological Issues in Longitudinal Educational Studies (MILES)
MiU MiU – Media in Mathematics and Science Education
MMS-Logo.png MMS - Primary School Evaluation of the Mathematics Primary School support program
NaTexI Science text comprehension as an interaction of person and text characteristics
NaWi-aktiv Experimenting is fun - "NaWi-Aktiv" supports students in the Sciences, Maths and German
NEPS National Educational Panel Study: Competency Development over the Lifespan
palea.jpg PaLea The PaLea Study
PANaMa Perspektiven am Arbeitsmarkt mit Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik | Perspektiver på arbejdsmarkedet med naturvidenskab og matematik
PASS An analysis of the self-assessment tools involved in the choice of third level education and careers
SEKO Teachers' Self-Regulation as a Generic Aspect of Professional Competence: Development and Change in Teacher Education as well as Predictive Validity
SE-MIG Self-efficacy beliefs among students with and without a migration background: Different forms of acquisition, teachers' judgement accuracy and their impact on academic achievement
SINUS for primary school Increasing the Efficiency of Mathematics and Science Education in Primary Schools
2009 - 2013
TEG-Know Teacher Expectations and Professional Knowledge
TIMSS TIMSS in the fourth grade
T-KnoX Teacher Knowledge Experiment
VASI Assessment of Learners’ Views About Scientific Inquiry
wilma.png WILMA WILMA - We love mathematics!
winners.png WinnerS

Effects of science competitions for students