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Photonics Explorer - Developing a photonics educational kit for Europe's secondary schools

This project aims at developing, testing and evaluating high-quality photonics educational material for European secondary schools. The Photonics Explorer Kit is developed in close collaboration with experienced teachers and photonics experts from research and industry from 10 countries. The kit will provide science teachers with a comprehensive didactic framework, multimedia material and components for hands-on experiments and projects. Working with the Photonics Explorer is supposed to foster the students' interest and open-mindedness for science and enable them to discover and advance their own scientific and technical competences.

The modules of the kit implement IBL approaches and - supported by a suitable teacher training course - aim at achieving a change in the teachers' teaching style and students' learning progression. The material will be tested in schools throughout Europe. Therefore different testing instruments will be developed and applied which investigate the development of interests, attitudes and cognitive variables.