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Design and implementation of video instruction in biology lessons as a part of teacher education

The project (funded by the Joachim Herz Stiftung) aims to promote pre-service biology teachers’ knowledge for developing effective video instruction (supporting students in inquiry-based biology lessons). Videos allow presenting knowledge of content and procedures for the inquiry-based experiments before working in the laboratory (c.f. Flipped Classrooms). Knowledge that has already been learned can be applied in the experiment.

Using effective video instruction in the classroom requires more than content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge or pedagogical knowledge: further technology-related domains are important. The project VisiBLe promotes technological pedagogical content knowledge by focusing on knowledge of designing multimedia instruction (e.g., design, function, and tasks of multiple external representations). Therefore, we will develop a new course which is geared toward the acquisition and application of technological pedagogical content knowledge on video instruction. The project will be evaluated based on its effects on pre-service teachers' professional knowledge and their intention to use videos in classrooms in the future.

Persons involved:

Dr. Till Bruckermann
Dr. Daniela Mahler