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Research Group „Personality development in educational contexts“

Our Research Group „Personality development in educational contexts“ exists at the IPN since April 2015. It is located at the interface between the methodological and content areas of the Department of Educational Research and the Department of Educational Assessment and Measurement.

This interface position is also evident in pursuing of the dual research goals.

  • On the content side, we are interested in the longitudinal relationship between personality development and the successful mastery of educational transitions and the general adaptation to and development in educational contexts. In this context, we investigate in what ways diverse educational transitions (such as from school to university, university to work, but also moving abroad or migration) relate to personality development and which further determinants affect successful developmental paths.
  • On the methodological side, we focus particularly on the implementation of innovative longitudinal designs to better understand and describe developmental processes in their entire complexity. Accordingly, our research aims to combine different assessment designs (experiments, daily diary studies, social networks) and multiple time levels (micro and macro processes).


Leader: Dr. Jenny Wagner

Members: Jennifer Deventer, Sophia Magro, Anne Israel