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8th Summer Academy for Teachers in Schleswig-Holstein

24. August 2015

The eighth SH Summer University for Teachers in Sankelmark has now come to a close. This year’s focus was to promote a dialogue between representatives of science, school practice and educational policy and to highlight its significance for teaching practice. Teachers were able to gain an insight into current empirical research and could discuss and reflect on its relevance for their professional practice together with scientists.

Altogether, 50 teachers from all school types, spanning primary schools to secondary and vocational schools, had the opportunity over the three days to exchange views on “Competence orientation in subject teaching”. Additionally, Minister Britta Ernst presented an overview of the key challenges in current educational policy that Schleswig-Holstein is currently facing.

Frau Ministerin Britta Ernst bei der Eröffnung der diesjährigen Sommeruniversität

Minister Britta Ernst

In recent years there has been an emphasis on analysing competence orientation in teaching. Scientists from all over Germany were invited to Sankelmark to hold talks on these topics. General issues on competence orientation in teaching-learning processes and also on selected subject-related aspects were dealt with in talks as well as in workshops.

The atmosphere in Sankelmark was marked again this year by an open and constructive exchange of thoughts between the invited representatives of science, school practice and the ministry.


Prof. Dr. Ute Harms
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