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A Decade of Family Days at IPN

15. June 2016

For many years now, the IPN has endeavoured to institutionalize compatible conditions for both family and career. This is why the institute became a member of the Hertie foundation’s auditing process. The IPN received its first audit career and family certificate in 2006 and every three years it undergoes the external auditing process to have the certificate renewed.

One of the family friendly measures that takes place annually is the Family Day. On this occasion, family members spanning three generations are heartily welcome to partake in the activities offered on the IPN grounds. In the meantime, a rotation process regulates which department is responsible for organising the annual event. It is also a wonderful opportunity for staff to get to know each other outside of their usual working environment. This year, on the 15^th June, is the audit’s 10^th anniversary, and the Department of Physics Education is responsible for the organization.