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Annual Summer University for Teachers in Sankelmark

24. August 2016

Together with Kiel University, the Ministry for Schools and Vocational Education and the Institute for Educational Development in Schleswig-Holstein will host the ninth Summer University in Schleswig-Holstein for teachers. It will take place from 25 – 27 August 2016 at Sankemark Academy. The focus this year is on the subject “Language and Communication in Class”.

Language competence is a prerequisite for successful learning in schools. At the same time, language development is a decisive factor that effects school performance in the individual school subjects and requires sensitivity in subject teaching. Every subject has its own terminology; however, there are also groups of subjects – such as the natural sciences which partly share the same terminology, but are quite different in other aspects. Bilingual education, on the other hand, presents both challenges and opportunities for both teachers and students from the point of view of the language and subject.

Altogether, 50 teachers from all types of schools will come to Sankelmark for the event and in the context of impulse talks and several workshops; they will have the opportunity to discuss this year’s topic from different perspectives and with scientists representing different fields of education.