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European Champions once again at the Science Olympiad in Estonia

20. May 2016

Due to the immense success of the German school teams at the European Science Olympiad in recent years, the expectations were especially high this year. As title holders, the German team travelled this time to Estonia with the EUSO cup in their suitcase to partake in the 14th EUSO competition. Altogether 23 European countries and 46 teams participated in the completion. After a very challenging week, Germany’s A-team was able to take first place and won a gold medal. Team B managed to come 12th and was therefore able to return home with a silver medal. Once again, Germany proved itself to be the top nation in the European comparison.

The coveted EUSO cup returned to Germany and will be on view in the home schools of Team A in Bonn, Jena and Leipzig.

Each delegation from the 23 countries was comprised of two school teams that were accompanied by either an expert in biology, chemistry or physics, as well as accompanying mentors. Both subject-relevant tests had to do with current social topics such as developing an alternative battery for a car engine which then had to prove its efficiency in an exciting race as an energy source for a r/c car. The second test focused on the subject of milk from the perspectives of biology, chemistry and physics. The tests were not only demanding but also multifaceted and very well prepared. However, what was important for the success of the team was a coordinated mutual approach with excellent time management. Besides the tests, interpersonal and social interaction among the teenagers from the different countries was also a priority. The event is of course an invaluable opportunity to build friendships and develop understanding for each other that goes beyond borders and beyond the EUSO competition itself.

The Estonian organization deserves much credit for its excellently organized competition. Needless to say, both the competitors and mentors will later look back on their time in Estonia with fond memories. Next year, the 15th EUSO event is planned to take place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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