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German Physics Olympiad Team brings home medals from Zurich

July 17th, 2016
German Physics Olympiad Team brings home medals from Zurich

The 47th German IPhO student team in Zurich: (left to right) Kai Gipp (Silver), Sven Jandura (Gold), Arne Wolf (Silver), Christian Schmidt (Silver) und Simon Lichtinger (Silver).

The 47th International Physics Olympiad was organised by Switzerland and Lichtenstein this year and attracted almost 400 students from about 80 countries. They participants came to puzzle over theoretical and practical problems and also to find the best up-and-coming physicists in the world. The German national team stood up well to the challenge: the five students who are bringing home four silver and one gold medal between them now belong to the best in their field within Europe. They showed what they are capable of when dealing with tricky tasks and when competing for the Olympic medals. At this year’s Olympics, 398 students from 84 countries and 200 supervisors had to be put up, fed and kept busy for an entire week. A special logistical challenge was arranging the written tests, because at least half of the participants had to be simultaneously catered for in a sports hall.

Topics, which the organizers chose this year, were both interesting and challenging, e.g. the topic about CERN, the research centre. The theoretical tasks focussed on mechanical issues, the dynamics in non-linear circuits and the particle detector in Large Hadron Colliders.

Event organizers were able to shine with their gripping tasks, appealing social programme and excellent organization. Next year it’s off to Indonesia for the 48^th Physics Olympiad.

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