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IJSO Team returns with Bronze from Korea

14. December 2015

The six members of the IJSO team have returned from Daegu, South Korea; each with a bronze medals in their luggage. This year’s team members were Florian Knebel from Munich, Jonas Wilkening from Hannover, Ricardo Ochel from Magdeburg (15), Alina Ruff from Forchheim (15) as well as Salome Schwark from Frankfurt am Main (13) und Wolf-Heinrich Hahnfrom Berlin (14).

In the course of the 12th International Junior Science Olympiad, the young team competed against 240 contenders from 44 countries. The German team had to solve demanding theoretical tasks in biology, chemistry and physics and to demonstrate their ability of working competently in a science lab. One of the tasks was to examine different native Korean types of fruit and determine their density and the acid concentration in fruit juices.

On their way home, all the participants stressed how enriching the entire experience in an Asian country had been for them. What they most enjoyed was the interesting time they has spent with peers from all corners of the Earth as well as the friendships they had made, especially with the Dutch team.

Dr Heide Peters, who headed the student delegation, was especially pleased with the outcome of the journey. The levels of the tasks, especially in physics, had been especially challenging this time and in spite of this, the German team had managed to return with medals. She was especially impressed with the ability of the spontaneous team-merging skills of the students as well as their eagerness to try out Korean cusine. Against the background of current political events, such international events can promote enthusiasm for the natural science and unite people in spite of different traditions and lifestyles.

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