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IPN Cooperation with Utrecht University (NL)

5. February 2016

Colleagues from the Freudenthal Research Group of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences of Utrecht University and the IPN Department of Mathematics Education met for a second time in the context of the cooperation project “Beyond flatland in primary school mathematics education” from 01st – 3rd February 2016 in Kiel. The aim of the cooperation which is headed by Dutch Professor Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen und Professor Paul Lesemann in the Netherlands is the joint realization of experimental case studies in the Netherlands and in Germany. In the course of the project, approaches to promoting the “higher order of thinking” in fourth and fifth grade mathematics class are to be analysed. The project work that is being carried out by the Utrecht scientists is financed by the “The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research” (NWO).With the joint supervision of Ms Roos Blankespoor’s PhD project, the IPN is undertaking steps to boosting international cooperation. Ms Blankespoor, who is presently jointly employed by the IPN and Utrecht University, will focus on analysing theoretical and empirical approaches to the probability concept.