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Kick-off time for the IChO 2016

7th May 2015

Not only the gardening season, but also the new season for the 48th International Chemistry Olympiad has commenced.

And the tasks? Well, this year the topic is all about the garden. Topics such as qualitative soil analysis and its cation exchange capacity are a focus. Garden plants and the production of manure also have a role to play. Needless to say, fundamentals in chemistry and calculations are incorporated into this year’s choice of tasks.

Participants are allowed to use a variety of resources such as specialist literature and the internet to carry out research for the first round of tasks.

Students attending general education schools and who will not yet be 20 years of age by 01 July 2016 are allowed to participate. The IChO competition is sponsored by the Ministry for Education and Research. The tasks of this year’s first round of the International Chemistry Olympiad will be available shortly in schools and can already be downloaded under

Further information and the deadlines for different countries can be found under the following link: