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Nobel Prize Laureates Conference in Lindau

July 12th, 2016

The 66th Nobel Prize laureate Conference, which is dedicated to the subject of physics this year is taking place in Lindau island on the eastern side of Lake Constance. As in the previous four years, the IPN, which was represented by the physics and chemistry departments, was invited to offer a workshop for selected physics teachers. Using energy and nanotechnology as examples, the IPN researchers demonstrated how current natural scientific and subject-didactic research can be integrated in physics teaching. Extracurricular presentations such as the German selection process for the international Physics Olympiad (IPhO) augmented the programme for especially efficient and interested students.

An introductory talk focused on the experimental stations and fundamental learning aims and subject-didactical reflections. The talk illustrated which role scientific theory and philosophical aspects can play in enabling students to access physical concepts. Selected experiments from the school laboratory Klick programme at the Kiel research workshop, e.g. In Interference in Soap Bubbles or On Water Jet Reflection give an impression in current research topics being dealt with in the special research area: “Function by Switching” at Kiel University. An insight into the theoretical and experimental IPhO exam papers as well as the special approach to promote younger female scientists in the IPhO events rounds off the workshop offers.