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Research Express in Schleswig-Holstein celebrates its Tenth Anniversary

3rd September

What’s more fun than watching TV? Carrying out experiments of course! In the past ten years 12 000 primary schoolchildren can verify this opinion.

When visiting primary schools in Schleswig-Holstein, the Research Express arrives with enough material and ideas so that two classes have sufficient and exciting topics to carry out experiments. The project which is a cooperation between the Institute for Science and Mathematics Education and NaWiKiel GbR has reached out to more than 12 000 children and their teachers in the past decade.

Introducing more natural science into primary school teaching has turned out to be a snowball system. Teachers become motivated to introduce more chemistry and physics topics and methods into their classes, because the level they work at is quite simple. The teachers, in turn, pass on their motivation to other colleagues. This method of working is very successful. Teachers are frequently pleasantly surprised with the intensity and concentration even weak learners exhibit in these morning classes. Experiments are possible with the simplest of means which appeal to the children and which also have the possibility of imparting scientific contexts. For example, an old dynamo and lamp are sufficient to allow children to experience how kinetic energy can be transformed into electric energy and light.

So much enthusiasm is contagious and also highly motivating for the RE team to keep on winning new classes for the natural sciences.