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Second ZIB Academy to be held at IPN

28th April 2015

Applying Bayesian methods in educational science – this is the topic at the second ZIB Academy. The workshop is intended for PhD students and Postdocs from the fields of psychology, educational sciences and statistics/mathematics.

Interested candidates can register online for the ZIB Academy with a letter of motivation from 20 April to 01 June 2015.

Three of the leading institutions in German educational research, the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF), the School of Education at the Technical University Munich (TUM) and the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN) constitute the Centre for International Student Assessment (ZIB). ZIB carries out large scale assessments in educational research.

The focus of the second Academy is on applying Bayesian methods in educational science. This approach is presently gaining immensely in popularity in the social sciences and it is expected that Bayesian methods will be increasingly used in the near future. During the workshop week, participants will learn the fundamentals of the Bayesian methods. Moreover, they will also learn to apply them using practical examples from educational research and educational psychology.

Professor David Kaplan (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison), a leading international expert in the field of Bayesian statistics, will hold the first workshop. After introducing the fundamental concepts of Bayesian statistics, he will then show how the Bayesian method can be used for analyzing large scale assessment studies (e.g. PISA). The software R will be used during the workshop.

A second workshop focuses on estimating statistical models with the Bayesian approach using the WinBUGS software. Alexander Robitzsch, a mathematics graduate (BIFIE, Salzburg), and Professor Oliver Lüdtke (IPN ZIB) show how different models can be flexibly specified in WinBUGS. Previous knowledge in WinBugs is not necessary.

The ZIB academy directly addresses those PhD students and Postdocs from the fields of psychology, educational sciences and statistics/mathematics who are interested in educational research or who already work in this field and therefore wish to acquire a scientifically-sound knowledge of the Bayesian method.

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