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SELF Conference

The IPN and the Christian-Albrechts University Psychology Department (Professor Jens Möller) will be hosting the SELF Conference in Kiel from August 20 - 24th, 2015.

Scientists from all over the world will come to present and discuss the latest research in the context of school-based learning pertaining to self-confidence, motivation for learning and self-awareness. The SELF conference is the largest international conference devoted to these topics. One focus of this year’s conference will be successful learning processes and wellbeing.

Also presenting at the conference are Richard Ryan and John Hattie. Richard Ryan is one of the most well-known motivation researchers and John Hattie an internationally renowned educational researcher. John Hattie attracted much attention in recent years with his meta-analysis “Visible Learning”. At the conference Richard Ryan will be presented with the prestigious Shavelson Award for his scientific work.

John Hattie will hold a lecture open to the public in the Audimax, which is the main auditorium of the university.


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