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Student’s torn between the demands of work and pleasure

2nd July 2015, 19:30 h: Talk at the Kiel Gelehrtenschule, Auditorium


Professor Stefan Fries from the Department of Psychology at Bielefeld University presented scientific insights relating to a conflict which students are confronted with daily. In their everyday world students’ school engagement has to compete with attractive leisure opportunities that have nothing to do with their school affairs. The talk was held at the Gelehrtenschule in Kiel as a contribution to the ongoing series of talks “Research is catching on!” (Forschung macht Schule!).
Students know how important above average results in school are and especially their significance as a springboard for their future careers.  Even though they are aware of the consequences, preparing for school and doing homework is much less attractive and also less exciting than their leisure activities. Many students are in fact quite motivated to do schoolwork; however, when faced with readily available attractive alternatives such as smartphones, the focus on schoolwork become secondary.
Professor Fries talk concentrates on the dilemma for students living between two chairs. He focuses on different empirical studies to illustrate the significance of both motivational conflicts and motivational interference among adolescents.