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Summer School on Board the Thor Heyerdahl returns to Kiel

31. August 2016
Summer School on Board the Thor Heyerdahl returns to Kiel

Learning on board a three-master: Study has a chemistry class on board the Thor Heyerdahl Foto/Copyright: KUS-Project

Holidays on board a windjammer – 7th - 9th grade students from all school types spent 11 days on board the Thor Heyerdahl, a three mast schooner, partaking at a science summer school. The voyage in the Danish South Sea commenced on 21 August in Kiel and ended on 01 September with the return of the schooner to the Kiel fjord.

In the context of the summer school, students were integrated into everyday life on board a ship and had classes daily in one of the MINT subjects, mathematics, physics or chemistry. Through researching and discovery learning the young students received insights into scientific and technological contexts.

The young students set off on their discovery voyage with a set agenda of learning about the following six aspects of maritime life: Ship- building and sailing physics, biology in the Baltic Sea, water as a vital life source, navigation, ships’ motors as well as wind and weather conditions.

Johanna Krüger, a researcher in ozean:labor, who was responsible for the project group “Biology in the Baltic Sea – what lives there?”, was also on board. She carried out several different experiments with the groups that focused on maritime life and conditions. Johanna also informed the group about species communities living in the Baltic, about climatic changes and drew attention to different types of pollution such as the practices and consequences of plastic dumping and noise effects coming from the offshore wind farms.

The Thor Heyerdahl returned to Kiel on 01 September at 10:00.