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Teaching Profession: The Interplay of Subject and Teaching Methodology in Teacher Training

14. June 2016

As part of the “CAU-LiB” initiative, Kiel University has been promoting a total of 15 projects since 2015 which aim to improve teacher training at the CAU. The IPN is involved in several of these projects. One of the projects designs and evaluates a new beginner internship for student teachers of physics. What’s special about this new internship is that physics and teaching of physics questions are specifically linked and direct reference is made to everyday school practices. In twelve newly developed experiments students increased their knowledge acquired in lectures and reflected on the benefits and difficulties of their application in school lessons. Here science and teaching methodology work together closely. Unlike traditional internships, students learn not only how to conduct an experiment, but also how to impart knowledge through experiments. The internship thereby combines professional training with physics teaching skills which students later require for lesson planning. The connection to physics class is created using experiments coinciding with the current curricula and the typical measurement devices and software that are used. Students can further develop their professional skills in this internship using everything from smartphones to video analysis of physical processes. The newly developed internship is based on the recent findings regarding physics teaching research. Not only are students educated, questions about the motivation and learning among students are also examined. Another goal is to investigate effects and the ideal condition of target group-oriented learning opportunities for the teaching profession.