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Third Coastal Cleanup Day in Kiel on 19th September 2015

15th September 2015

On 19th September, the Kiel Research workshop, together with the Future Ocean, is organizing a Coastal Cleanup Day in Kiel. Schools, clubs and volunteers will be cleaning up more than 15km of shoreline around the Kiel fjord. Moreover, Robert Habeck, Minister of Energy, Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Areas will be participating in the cleanup together with his staff.


In 2014, around 400 kg of rubbish was gathered
from the beaches around the Kiel fjord.
Foto: Christian Urban, Future Ocean

Nowadays „Rubbish in the Sea“ is an omnipresent topic in the media. Plastic is everywhere in our daily lives; however, it is also in oceans and around our coasts which are suffocating in more than 10m tons of rubbish annually. The consequences for marine communities and food webs which are dependent on them are unforeseeable. Many of the manifold scientific groups working in Schleswig-Holstein, e.g. The Future Ocean, Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics in Education as well as supporters from science, the economy and conservation organizations are setting an example in the fight against increasing marine and coastal pollution.

This year, motivated citizens who do not belong to any particular group will also be participating in the coastal cleanup for the first time. The Kiel Research workshop group will have a team ready to show volunteers the ropes. The Coastal Cleanup Day is now an annual global event. It was originally instituted by the NGO Ocean Conservancy organization 30 years ago. – This year’s meeting point is at Bruno’s bistro in Strande at 10:00.


Numerous school classes were involved in collecting rubbish from beaches around Kiel. Here in the photo you see active Waldorf school pupils in 2014.
Foto: Friederike Balzereit, Future Ocean

Without the help of sponsors and active supporters and volunteers such an event would not be possible. All the sponsors and participating institutions are listed on the Kiel Research workshop webpage under Additionally, you will find further information for volunteers as well as information about last year’s rubbish collection event.