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Heide Peters

PD Dr. habil., Diplom-Mineralogin
Chemistry Education


phone +49-(0)431-880-3133
address Olshausenstraße 62, D-24118 Kiel
room Neufeldtstraße 10, EG Raum 12


2005 - 2006 Master program in School Management (TU Kaiserslautern, Germany)
2000 Habilitation in Geochemistry (Göttingen University, Germany)
1985 - 1988 Dissertation (Ph.D.) in Geochemistry (Göttingen University, Germany)
1980 - 1985 Diploma (M.Sc.) in Mineralogy and Geochemistry (Göttingen University, Germany)

Professional Activity

since 2006 Senior Researcher at the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Kiel (IPN), Kiel, Germany
2003 - 2006 Heisenberg Fellow (DFG) at the Geoscience Center Göttingen, Germany
2001 - 2003 Senior Researcher in the Department of Sedimentology and Environmental Geology at the Geoscience Center Göttingen, Germany
since 2000 Teaching graduate students (Privatdozentin) at the Geoscience Center Göttingen, Germany
1998 - 2001 Research Associate and Teaching Assistant at the Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
1996 - 1998 Women's officer in the Geoscience Faculty (Göttingen University)
1993 - 1997 Research Fellow (DFG-Habilitationsstipentiatin) at the Institute for Geology and Dynamics of the Lithosphere (IGDL), Göttingen, Germany
1988 - 1989 Visiting Research Fellow and Fulbright Fellow at Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
1985 - 1988 Ph. D. student in Geochemistry at Göttingen University, Germany

Activity at the IPN

Director and Country coordinator of the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) in Germany (since 2008)
Member of Executive Committee of the "International Junior Science Olympiad": Public Relations Officer (2012 - 2013), Vice-President (Europe) (since 2014)
2nd Speaker of "Arbeitsgemeinschaft bundesweiter Schülerwettbewerbe" (since 2012)

Research Interests

Effectiveness of student competitions in school teaching
Development and analysis of theoretical and experimental competition tasks
Marine evaporites and seawater composition during the Phanerozoic

Current Projects

International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO): National Competition in Germany
IJSO 2020
School network "NaWigator in der IJSO"

Selected Publications

Dierks, P.O., Höffler, T., Blankenburg, J.; Peters, H. & Parchmann, I. (2016) Interest in science: A RIASEC-based analysis of students' interests. International Journal of Science Education, 38, 2, S. 238-258.
Blankenburg, J., Höffler, T., Peters, H. & Parchmann, I. (2016) The effectiveness of a project day to introduce stxth grade students to science competitions. Research in Science & Technological Education, 34, 3, S. 342-358
Peters, H. (2015) Was Schulen mit Schülerwettbewerben erreichen wollen. In: Lernchancen durch Wettbewerbe. Ulf Marwege/Jan Hendrik Winter (Hrsg.); bpb Schriftenreihe, 1505, S. 161-171.
Spear, N., Holland, H. D., Garcia-Veígas, J., Lowenstein, T. K., Giegengack, R. & Peters, H. (2014) Analyses of fluid inclusions in Neoproterozoic marine halite provide oldest measurement of seawater chemistry. Geology, 42, 103- 106.
Peters, H. und Sieve, B. (2013) Fordern und Fördern mit Wettbewerben - Schülerwettbewerbe in den Naturwissenschaften mit Bezug zur Chemie. Themenheft Wettbewerbe, Naturwissenschaften im Unterricht Chemie, Heft 136, S. 2-9.
Peters, H., Giese, D. & Müller-Balhorn, S. (2013) Ein Bild von Wissenschaft und Forschung vermitteln - Jugend forscht und die Internationale JuniorScienceOlympiade. Themenheft Wettbewerbe, Naturwissenschaften im Unterricht Chemie, Heft 136, S. 18-25.
Blankenburg, J., Wentorf, W., Peters, H. & Parchmann, I. (2013) Brücken bauen zwischen Unterricht und Wettbewerben - Beispiele für die Verankerung von Wettbewerbeb an Schulen. Themenheft Wettbewerbe, Naturwissenschaften im Unterricht Chemie, Heft 136, S. 34-42.
Horita, J., Zimmermann, H. & Holland, H. D. (2002) Chemical evolution of seawater during the Phanerozoic: Implications from the record of marine evaporites, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 66, 3733-3756.

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