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Ongoing projects


FL 2 Die Entwicklung von Kompetenz in Mathematik

und den Naturwissenschaften im Verlauf der Schulzeit

Use of media in mathematics and science education

ManKobE Mathematical-scientific competencies in initial vocational training

ELeVATE - teaching Energy Exploring Potential Trajectories for the Energy Concept in Middle School
Nature of Science and Science Nature of Science and Physics


FL 3 Professionforschung

CAU-LiB Teaching Profession: The Interplay of Subject and Teaching Methodology in Teacher Training


Measuring the professional knowledge of preservice mathematics and science teachers


The development of professional competence in pre-service mathematics and science teacher education

KiFoLa Schülerlabore als Lehr-Lern-Labore


mathematics and science for life


FL 4 Wissenschaftskommunikation und extracurriculare Förderung

WinnerS Effects of science competitions for students
Kieler Forschungswerkstatt energie:labor
Identi<phy> Identity Development and Agency in Physics for young women


FL 5 Methodenforschung und -entwicklung

MeK-LSA Messung experimenteller Kompetenz in Large Scale Assessements