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Engeln, Katrin

Katrin Engeln

Dr. rer. nat., Dipl.-Physikerin
Physics Education


phone +49-(0)431-880-3145
address Olshausenstraße 62, D-24118 Kiel
room 224


1996 - 2000 Clerkship and teaching at high schools in Schleswig-Holstein
1993 - 1996 Study of maths and physics teacher sec I / II at the University of Kiel, 1st State exam
1987 - 1993 Study of physics at the universities of Münster and Rostock, diploma

Professional Activity

2013 - present Researcher in the EU project "mascil - mathematics and science in life"
2010 - 2013 Researcher in the EU project "PRIMATE - promoting inquiry based learning in math and science education"
2004 - 2006 Researcher in the project "Learning Lab - Centre for advice and quality development (LeLa)"
2001 - 2004 Fellow at the IPN, PhD on the topic of "school laboratories: authentic, activating learning environments as a way to generate interest in science and technology"

Research Interests

Inquiry based learning
Evaluation of teacher training
Science in the elementary school

Current Projects

MaSDiV - Supporting Mathematics and Science teachers in addressing diversity and promoting fundamental values
Mascil - Mathematics and Science in Life

Selected Publications

Engeln, K., Mikelskis-Seifert, S., & Euler, M. (2014). Inquiry-Based Mathematics and Science Education Across Europe: A Synopsis of Various Approaches and Their Potentials. In Topics and Trends in Current Science Education (pp. 229-242). Springer Netherlands.
Engeln K., Manfred Euler, Maass K. (2013 ) Inquiry-based learning in mathematics and science: a comparative baseline study of teachers' beliefs and practices across 12 European countries. ZDM 45(6), 1-14.
Engeln, K., & Vorst, S. (2007). Exkursion. In S. Mikelskis-Seifert & T. Rabe (Eds.), Physik-Methodik: Handbuch für die Sekundarstufe I und II: Cornelsen Vlg Scriptor.
Engeln, K., & Rost, J. (2006). Increasing Students' Interest: Informal Leraning in Authentic Science Labs. In X. Liu & W. J. Boone (Eds.), Applications of Rasch measurement in science education: JAM Press.
Engeln, K. (2004). Schülerlabors: authentische, aktivierende Lernumgebungen als Möglichkeit, Interesse an Naturwissenschaften und Technik zu wecken. Berlin: Logos.
Engeln, K., & Euler, M. (2005). Physikunterricht modernisieren - Erfahrungen aus Kooperationsprojekten zwischen Schule und Wissenschaft. Kiel: IPN.
Engeln, K. (2005). Forschen wie in der echten Wissenschaft. Spektrum der Wissenschaft, 6.
Engeln, K., & Euler, M. (2004). Forschen statt Pauken - Aktives Lernen im Schülerlabor. Physik Journal, 3(11).

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