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Juli 2020

Thirteenth SH Summer University 2020

"Of Men and Machines: Digital and emotional teaching and learning"

July 30th -
August 1st, 2020

Academy Sankelmark
Akademieweg 6
24988 Oeversee




The SH Summer University is an annual advanced training course for school principals and teachers. It is organized by the IPN in cooperation with the CAU and the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Schleswig-Holstein.

Now the clock strikes thirteen!
The 13th SH Summer University opens its doors once again at the Sankelmark Academy and offers you the opportunity to deal with current issues in educational research. Scientists will be present with whom you can discuss their research topics which are relevant for schools.
This year, the conference will focus on two thematic blocks:
Digital and emotional teaching and learning.
Digitization and the inherent challenges and opportunities for our school system are the ongoing focus of current discussions in our education system.
The SH Summer University furthermore focuses on the research-based contribution of social and emotional competences of teachers to their own well-being, to the well-being of their students and to their learning success.

Target group:
School administrators and teachers of all school types in Schleswig-Holstein

Participant‘s contribution: 70 Euro per person


Frauke Tiedje

Contact email:

+49 (0)431-880-3077