Reinders Duit

Prof. em. Dr. Dr. hc.
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Heisterkamp 14, D - 24211 Preetz<

Education and Qualifications

1985 Habilitation in Physics Education - The energy concept in physics instruction, University of Kiel
1972 PhD in Physics Education - On long term retention in a physics spiral curriculum, University of Kiel
1963 - 1969 Studies of Physics and Mathematics, University of Kiel

Employment History

2006 - 2010 Member of the "Board of Directors" of NARST (National Association of Research in Science Teaching) (USA)
2000 - 2008 Member of the Advisory Board of the Austrian project "IMST" (Innovations in Mathematics and Science Teaching; Klagenfurt, Wien)
1995 - 2012 Co-Editor of the German science education research journal "Zeitschrift für Didaktik der Naturwissenschaften", since 2006 Managing Editor
1978 - 2012 Co-Editor of the teacher journal: "Unterricht Physik" (Physics Instruction)
1969 - 2008 Member of the Physics Education Department of the IPN
Member of the editorial boards of the following journals: International Journal of Science Education;Research in Science Education; International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education; Science Education; Unterrichtswissenschaft


  • Outstanding Paper Award NARST Annual Meeting in Chicago, 1997 (gemeinsam mit Michael Roth, Michael Komorek, Jens Wilbers)
  • Honorary Doctor of the Faculty of Physics and Electronics of the National University of Mongolia, Ulaan Baator; 2008
  • Honorary Medal for outstanding contributions in Physics Education research of the German chemistry and Physics Education research association GDCP (Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Chemie und Physik); 2008
  • DCA (Distinguished Contribution to Science Education Through Research) - Award of NARST (National Association for Research in Science Teaching); 2010

Research Interests

  • constructivist approaches on teaching and learning science (conceptual change)
  • Role of analogies in the teaching and learning process
  • Scientific Literacy and Standards
  • Model of Educational Reconstruction
  • Interplay of analytical and empirical science education research
  • Studies (e.g., video-studies) on the practice of physics instruction
  • Quality Development and Teacher Professional Development

Selected Publications

  List of publications (pdf file)

Special Issues of a German Teacher Journal

Duit, R. & Schecker, H., Hrsg. (2007). Standards [Standards]. Naturwissenschaften im Unterricht Physik, 18, Heft 9.

Duit, R., Hepp, R., & Rincke, K, Hrsg, (2013). Guter Frontalunterricht. Unterricht Physik, 24, Heft 135/136. Duit, R. & Mikelskis-Seifert, S., Hrsg. (2007). Kontextorientiert Unterrichten [Context based Instruction]. Unterricht Physik, 18, Heft 98.

Contributions to Research Journals and Edited Volumes

Duit, R., Roth, W.M., Komorek, M. & Wilbers, J. (2001). Fostering Conceptual Change by Analogies - Between Scylla and Carybdis. Learning and Instruction, 11, 283-303

Duit, R. & Treagust, D. (2003). Conceptual Change - A powerful framework for improving science teaching and learning. International Journal of Science Education, 25, 671-688

Komorek, M. & Duit, R. (2004). The teaching experiment as a powerful method to develop and evaluate teaching and learning sequences in the domain of non-linear systems. International Journal of Science Education, 26, 619-633.

Duit, R. (2007). Science education internationally: Conceptions, research methods, domains of research. Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education, 3(1), 3-18.

Duit, R., Niedderer, H. & Schecker, H. (2007). Teaching physics. In S.K. Abell & N.G. Lederman, Eds., Handbook of research on science education (pp.599-629). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Treagust, D.F. & Duit, R. (2008). Conceptual change: a discussion of theoretical,methodological and practical challenges for science education. Cultural Studies in Science Education, 3, 297-328.

Mikelskis-Seifert, S., & Duit, R. (2013). Physics teachers' professional development in the project "Physics in Context". COSMOS, 8(2), 211-227.

Stavrou, D. & Duit, R. (2013). Teaching and learning the interplay between chance and determinism in nonlinear systems. International Journal of Science Education. DOI: 10.1080/09500693.802056.

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