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Workshop 2 - Prof. Stijn Vansteelandt

"Causal Mediation Analysis"

Within fields spanning drug testing, epidemiology, economics and social sciences, researchers are often faced with the challenge of decomposing the effect of an exposure into different causal pathways working through defined mediator variables. The goal of such analyses is often to understand the mechanisms of the system or to suggest possible interventions. Over the last two decades, a theoretical framework of so-called causal mediation analysis has developed to enable effect decomposition. In this course we will give an introduction to this framework. All theoretical concepts will be set into the context of real life research problems. The course will enable the participants to conduct their own mediation analyses in settings with either single or multiple mediators, by making use of specific R packages for mediation analysis. The examples of the course will be taken from medical testing, epidemiology and social sciences. Exercise sessions throughout the course will ensure that participants actively use the just taught concepts.

Empfohlene Literatur
VanderWeele, T. J., & Vansteelandt, S. (2009). Conceptual issues concerning mediation, interventions and composition. Statistics and its Interface, 2, 457-468.

Imai, K., Keele, L., Tingley, D., & Yamamoto, T. (2010). Causal Mediation Analysis Using R. In Vinod, H. D. (Eds.), Advances in Social Science Research Using R (pp.129-154), New York, NY: Springer.

R / RStudio (mediation, medflex)


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