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Challenging interdisciplinary Science Experiments
Stefan Petersen, Michael A. Cotter (Eds.)

Challenging interdisciplinary Science Experiments

Volume 2: Tasks of the European Union Science Olympiads 2008 – 2012

The European Union Science Olympiad (EUSO) is a unique, multidisciplinary, practicalbased team competition in the natural sciences. lt was developed to provide young students with an opportunity to meet with their EU counterparts of a similar age and with a common interest in science. Through the EUSO they are provided with a platform to work in teams of three to solve relevant science problems of their time and to display their scientific capabilities.

Each year in spring sixteen-year-old students from across the EU gather for one week to test their skills in biology, chemistry and physics. This book contains the tasks presented in the five Olympiads of the years 2008 to 2012. The interdisciplinary nature of the tasks makes them appealing for use in the science laboratories of the schools of today. The book will also serve as a valuable resource of interesting and challenging experiments for young scientists everywhere.

This volume contains such diverse topics as energy from light, silk, fruit juice, water, crime investigation, beer, lenses, amber and space exploration. ln addition to a detailed description of the experiments, including a Iist of the necessary equipment, this book also provides model answers to the tasks.