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Teaching Energy Across the Sciences, K-12
Jeffrey Nordine (Ed.)

Teaching Energy Across the Sciences, K-12

NSTA Press Book

It’s a simple fact: Students will learn about energy more effectively if teachers present it consistently in all grades and across all scientific disciplines. This book gives you the strategies and tools you need to help your students understand energy as a concept that cuts across all sciences. The result will be a clear lens for interpreting how energy works in many contexts, both inside and outside the classroom.

Teaching Energy Across the Sciences, K–12 is accessible to teachers with varying science backgrounds. Its three main sections cover these essential topics:

1. Understanding why energy is such an important concept, what students need to know about it, and how to address the concept with the Next Generation Science Standards in mind

2. Using five central ideas about energy to teach the subject consistently across the life, physical, and Earth and space sciences, as well as in all grades

3. Providing the professional development and systemic support teachers need to adopt this book’s approaches

“The NGSS firmly assert that we can no longer accept teaching energy in a way that does not show students how energy ideas are connected,” editor Jeff Nordine writes. Simply and clearly, this book shows you how to make those vital connections.