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Career choice motives of prospective biology teachers

In the present context, the term 'career choice motives' refers to young people's interests, orientations, and motives that motivate them to aspire to the teaching profession. In the case of career choice motives of (prospective) teachers, certain motivational constellations (e.g., strong expression of intrinsic motives) represent a good prerequisite for a successful education and professional activity. Career choice motives are therefore considered to be part of the motivational facet of teachers' professional competence.

There are few subject-specific studies on career choice motives of (prospective) teachers. However, factors such as changing entry requirements (e.g., due to a shortage of teachers) or a change in the perception of the teaching profession (e.g., due to increasing professionalization) can strongly influence prevailing career choice motives. That is why earlier findings have an only limited validity.

This study aims to provide a subject-specific description of career choice motives of prospective biology teachers and their temporal development throughout their studies.

Prospective biology teachers answer open-ended questions about their career choice motives. The evaluation of the answers follows a structuring qualitative content analysis under consideration of quality criteria.

Project publications:       Krell, M. (2021). Berufswahlmotive angehender Biologielehrkräfte. 23. Internationalen Tagung der Fachsektion Didaktik der Biologie (FDdB) im VBIO, 13.09.-16.09.2021, virtuell.