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Pre-service teachers’ social and emotional competences

Development of a research-based training program




As part of the CAU-LiB-initiative, Kiel University has been promoting a total of 15 projects since 2015 which aim to improve teacher training at the CAU. The IPN is involved in several of these projects.

The aim of the project SOKO-L is to develop a theory-based training program for social and emotional competence, which is intended to prepare pre-service teachers for their work at schools. To link the mostly theoretical curriculum at university to the practical demands of the teaching profession, the training shall both improve the quality of interactions between teachers and students and the teachers’ subjective well-being. The training concept encompasses the following contents with regard to pre-service teachers’ professional development: knowledge of emotions and social interactions, regulation of one’s emotions and those of others, understanding of and acting competent in social situations. Apart from imparting knowledge the training includes practical exercises. To test the effectiveness of the program, it will be evaluated in a pre-post control group design. Upon successful evaluation, the training program is to be incorporated into teacher training at Kiel University.

More Informations (in German):
Lehramt in Bewegung an der CAU (CAU-LiB)

Bastian Carstensen, Uta Klusmann, Michaela Köller