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„Ich bin Meta“ (I am Meta)

Science communication in the CRC 1182 “Origin and Function of Metaorganisms"

The Collaborative Research Center 1182 "Origin and Function of Metaorganisms" is located at Kiel University and investigates the evolution and the functional relationships between hosts and microorganisms.

A metaorganism consists of a large living being that can be seen with the naked eye and its colonising microbes. Also humans with their skin and mucous membrane flora are metaorganisms.

The objective of the project "Ich bin Meta" is the communication of current research on the subject of metaorganisms with a mainly young lay audience of about 15-20 years. New formats are developed and their effectiveness evaluated and empirically researched.

Currently, a communication format on the subject of metaorganisms is being established, allowing to understand the processes of quality assurance common in the natural sciences, for example the peer review process. This should strengthen the evaluation competence of non-scientists and non-scientists.

The development of formats is based on current theoretical foundations in the field of science communication and is analysed with the help of methods of empirical research with regard to their effectiveness.

Project publications:
Explanatory video on the topic of metaorganisms

Persons involved:
Dr. Yasmin Shirin Appelhans, Didaktik der Biologie, IPN
Prof. Dr. Kerstin Kremer, Didaktik der Biologie, IPN
CRC 1182 „Origin and Function of Metaorganisms“