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PASS Project

An analysis of the self-assessment tools involved in the choice of third level education and careers

Prof. Dr. Uta Klusmann, IPN
Dr. Michaela Köller, Institute of Psychology, Kiel University

Point of Origin and Topic of Concern

  • Implementation of web-based self-assessment tools at universities
  • Tests and questionnaires about career-related interests, personality and/or abilities
  • Feedback about the "suitability" of the students' personality and attitudes to the requirements of the course of studies
  • Subject-specific (e.g. for teachers) and interdisciplinary self-assessment tools


The aim of the quasi experimental study with a pre-post comparison is to examine the effects which web-based self-assessment tools have on the cognitive, affective and motivational aspects of students' (who are in the final years of upper secondary school) choice of a course of studies.

Participants in the study: 529 students in advanced classes from 10 upper secondary schools in the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.