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VASI - Assessment of Learners’ Views About Scientific Inquiry

Developing informed views of scientific inquiry is regarded an important prerequisite for scientific literacy. Recently, the group of Norman and Judith Lederman (Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA) introduced an instrument to assess students’ views about scientific inquiry (VASI – Views about Scientific Inquiry Questionnaire). In scope of the present project, the VASI was translated into German, and administered to seventh and ninth graders from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The study aims at providing a field-tested German version of the VASI to the scientific community. Moreover, the study provides the opportunity to elucidate German characteristics of learning and teaching about scientific inquiry. The present study is part of a larger international project, in which the VASI is employed to assess students’ understandings all over the world. In the future, the questionnaire shall be employed in high school samples as well.


Lederman, J., Lederman, N., Bartels, S., Jimenez, J., ... Kremer, K., Neumann, I., Voitle, F., ... (2019). An international collaborative investigation of beginning seventh grade students' understandings of scientific inquiry: Establishing a baseline. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 2019, 1-30.

Project start:
in 2015


Participating Persons:
Dr. Irene Neumann, Didaktik der Physik/Mathematik, IPN
Prof. Dr. Kerstin Kremer, Didaktik der Biologie, IPN
Frauke Voitle, Didaktik der Biologie, IPN


Co-operation partners:
Prof. Norman G. Lederman, IIT Chicago
Prof. Judith S. Lederman, IIT Chicago