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Educational processes in preschool education

Research Line 1

Mirjam Steffensky (spokesperson), Anke Lindmeier & Olaf Köller

Results from various disciplines in empirical educational research document that the path that leads to individual success in the education system starts as early as preschool. For this reason, interest in research focusing on early childhood education has increased in recent years; early childhood education and childcare services have been expanded. One focus is on domain-specific educational processes; the curricula of the German federal states for primary education now list mathematics and science as key developmental areas alongside language and others. In addition, there are a number of initiatives that are specifically designed to promote early education in mathematics and science. This interest in early education processes is offset by a significant lack of research in this field.

Research Line 1 focuses on the following topics:

  1. The aims and development of basic mathematical and scientific competencies.

  2. Home characteristics that influence a child’s (domain-specific) development.

  3. Institutional characteristics that influence a child’s (domain-specific) development.

  4. Professional competence and the professionalization of preschool teachers

These tasks require an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates the educational sciences, developmental psychology, sociology, educational economics, and, for example, science or language education.


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