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Chancellor Scholar at the IPN

January 25th, 2019

Chemistry education researcher from India will spend a year at the IPN researching education for sustainable development. The IPN is hosting a young scientist from India who has received the renowned German Chancellor Scholarship. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation awards the scholarship for this project. Once a year, the Foundation awards the Federal Chancellor Fellowship to young scientists and scholars from Brazil, China, India, Russia and the United States of America.

Tejas Joshi, a scientist from Thane, India, had already visited the IPN in 2017 for a four-month research visit. Now he is returning to the IPN as part of the fellowship.

The scholarship allows the chemistry teacher to conduct independent research for one year. His subject is science education for sustainable development. As part of his research, the scientist develops teaching materials designed to promote education for sustainable development. The host at the IPN is the Department of Chemistry Education headed by Prof. Dr. Ilka Parchmann.

In his research project, Tejas Joshi investigates the implementation of education for sustainable development in Germany and neighboring European countries. His research focuses in particular on learning environments that provide education for sustainable development. He will also develop context-based teaching materials on this topic from an international perspective. Thereby he can build on his earlier work at the IPN, which he started during his previous guest stay as a Kurt Hansen Fellow (Bayer Science and Education Foundation).

His work is linked to the project OER@IPN (Transfer and Promotion of Research-based STEM Education: Communities of Practice for the Adaptation and Implementation of Science and Maths Open Educational Resources) and the IPN-based science campus KiSOC. Tejas Joshi also plans to create an Open Access repository that will provide information on approaches and best practices for implementing education for sustainable development worldwide.

Tejas Joshi (27) holds an M.A. in Science Education from the University College London Institute of Education and a degree in Chemistry from the University of Mumbai, India. While in India, he developed teaching materials for Chemistry at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education in Mumbai and worked at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay.

Tejas Joshi
(0431) 880-1876

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About the Federal Chancellor Scholarship:

Federal Chancellor Scholarships for prospective executives of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation are for internationally oriented university graduates with initial management experience from Brazil, China, India, Russia and the United States of America. The fellowship gives them the opportunity to come to Germany for one year to network with other young international leaders supported by the Humboldt Foundation. During their stay in Germany, the Federal Chancellor Fellows conduct independent research projects at host institutions. Hosts in Germany who they have chosen themselves and who possess the necessary expertise for the respective project topics supervise them. The Foundation awards up to 50 Federal Chancellor Scholarships each year - up to ten for each country.