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Clever research for everyone

January 3rd, 2019

In 2019, the Research Express will roll through Kiel again, allowing classrooms to become laboratories and elementary school children to become researchers.

Starting immediately, elementary schools in Kiel can once again register free of charge for experimentation lessons with the mobile student laboratory Forschungsexpress. The team brings all the materials to school and transforms the children into small researchers in a matter of minutes, including laboratory coats and glasses. The project is possible through the continued support of the state capital in 2019.

There are many exciting topics to choose. With small experiments the children can pursue questions like "What do potatoes and bags have in common?" or they can experience "Nothing works without energy! We live in the age of plastic; therefore, a unit about the colorful world of plastics should be included. Of course, we also include the classics: "Fire", "Water" and "Air".

Each elementary school can bring two to four classes in one morning. Each unit lasts one double lesson.

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