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DIPF and IPN join Forces in a new Research Group

24th November 2015

Two Leibniz Institutes have formed a new research group. The German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) and IPN will survey and compare the longitudinal development of children, adolescents and young adults in the context of different school types and other institutional learning environments. The collaboration between DIPF and IPN will run over a six-year period.

In the meantime, a multitude of scientific analyses is available that track educational processes spanning the lives of adolescents to adulthood. Study findings, for example, document that girls in the transition stage from primary to secondary school are better at reading than boys, whereas boys, on the other hand, are better at calculations. However, this is just a snapshot in time. How do such phenomena change over a longer timespan? Which long-term effects do they have, how do they differentiate when broken down into different groups and what do all these issues have to do with school environments and institutional contexts? Such far-reaching issues, which, to date, have been insufficiently clarified will be the focus of the new Leibniz research collaboration: “Individual developmental trajectories and institutional contexts across a lifespan”.

“We want to describe and explain long-term educational processes. Thereby, we will be taking different individual areas and institutional contexts into consideration as well as different analysis levels” commented Dr Michael Becker from DIPF, who is heading the research group, which has just commenced with its work.

“To analyse these complex issues we will mainly be concentrating on longitudinal studies”, Dr Becker stated. The participants will be interviewed at different stages of their lives. This collaboration offers the research group the possibility of using studies which have tracked the adolescents from their secondary school period up to the time when they commence with their apprenticeship or studies using competence tests and questionnaires.

Further Details about the research group:

Leibniz Research Group: Dr Michael Becker, DIPF, +49 (0)30 293360-48, [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]
Philip Stirm, DIPF, +49 (0)69 24708-123, [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]