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Elementary school classrooms become laboratories

January 27th, 2020

Elementary schools in and around Kiel: Register now so that the Research Express can visit you too!

Elementary schools in the Kiel region can now register for free experiment-based lessons with the mobile student laboratory Forschungsexpress. The team will arrive at school with all the materials and, in minutes, wearing lab coats and glasses, will transform every child into a little researcher. The project is financed by the Förde-Sparkasse.

There are exciting and current topics to choose from: With small experiments, the children explore the colorful world of plastics, or they can experience "Nothing works without energy! The unit "air and CO2" is the latest addition. But of course the topic "water" should not be missing as a classic.

Two classes per elementary school can take part in one researcher morning at the same time. Each unit lasts four lessons.

Apply by email to Barbara Grotemeyer: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]