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Gold and Silver: Both German teams succeed at the European ScienceOlympiad in Copenhagen

15. May 2017

Once a year students from all over Europe compete at solving interdisciplinary experimental science problems during the European ScienceOlympiad (EUSO). On May 7th of this year, delegations from 24 European Union nations met in Denmark for the 15th EUSO.

Delegations comprised of two teams, accompanied by two mentors and two experts in either biology, chemistry, or mathematics. All 48 teams were highly motivated to prove their skills during the interdisciplinary exams. The teams faced two topics of public interest: the analysis of historic climate and environment through drill core samples from the Greenland inland ice, and the use of bio reactors in fish hatcheries in the Baltic Sea Kattegat. Both of the challenging, multifaceted assignments were extremely well prepared and it was important for the teams to collaborate successfully and to efficiently organize their time. Aside from the exams, socializing and getting to know the students from the other European teams was a priority. Beyond the competition this is an important building block for friendship and cross-cultural understanding.

The two teams that started for Germany on May 7th, 2017 were (team A) Bruno Ederer (Biology, Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium, Jena, Thuringia), Jakob Schramm (Chemistry, Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium, Erfurt, Thuringia) und David Ventzke (Physics, Wilhelm-Ostwald-Schule, Leipzig, Saxony), and (team B) Sophia Häußler (Biology, Schönbuch-Gymnasium, Holzgerlingen, Baden-Württemberg), Lea Wagner (Chemistry, Emil-von-Behring-Gymnasium, Spardorf, Bavaria) and Salome Schwark (Physics, Internatsschule Schloss Hansenberg, Geisenheim, Hesse).

A busy week closed with the award ceremony. Prince Joachim of Denmark, the Danish Minister of Education Merette Rijsager, and additional dignitaries awarded the medals to the Olympians. Out of the 48 contending teams, German team A won a gold medal, team B achieved an excellent 15th place and a silver medal. Germany came in second after Hungary as European Vice Champion.

The teams were accompanied by Dr. Burkhard Schroeter and Dr. Stefan Petersen of the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN) in Kiel, which also conducted the selection process and the training of the German students. Dave Hartig (TU Braunschweig) and Anne Omlor (Universität Freiburg) joined the teams as mentors.

Many thanks go to the Danish organization team for hosting a great and memorable event for students and mentors, and we are looking forward to the 16th EUSO next year in Ljubljana, Slovenia!

The German EUSO-delegation in Copenhagen (v.l.t.r.): Bruno Ederer (Team A), Dr. Burkhard Schroeter, Lea Wagner (Team B), David Ventzke (Team A), Sophia Häußler (Team B), Jakob Schramm (Team A), Salome Schwark (Team B), Dr. Stefan Petersen, Anne Omlor, Dave Hartig und Ida Meitil (Guide)



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