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IBO Advisory Board Meeting at IPN

4. November 2016

The Board of the International Biology Olympiad (IBO) as well as national representatives from 15 nations convened at the IPN in Kiel for an advisory board meeting from 25 – 27 October. An important reason for the meeting was the foundation of the new international support association for the IBO which has its seat in Kiel.

During the course of the meeting, issues pertaining to organization and planning as well as tasks for the next international competitions and financial aspects were discussed.

The International Biology Olympiad is a student competition which takes place in a different country every year. Every participating country can send four participants to the event who are then gauged in theoretical and practical tasks from different fields in biology. Students from ca. 70 countries regularly participate in the event.

During the meeting, the IBO Advisory Boards, Professor Ute Harms and Professor Olaf Köller introduced the IPN and its lines of research as well as the projects from the biology education department to the participants. In his presentation on the WinnerS - project, Dr Höffler focussed on the effects of natural science competitions and how the participation in German Science Olympiads effects the participants. Dr Schwendimann presented the IPN research project IBOint which analyses different aspects of the international competition such as designing the tasks, selection processes or student motivation to participate in competitions.

The seat of the International IBO has officially been in Kiel since 2016. The IPN supports the IBO from a scientific and organizational point of view, on the one hand, in the form of projects such as competition research and Outreach. On the other hand, the IPN supports IBO by drawing on its experience that has been gathered from the German selection competitions of the six Olympiads.

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