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IPN doctoral candidates receive Faculty Award and Gender Research Award 2019 from Kiel University

August 10th, 2020

For her outstanding dissertation, Dr. Jennifer Meyer received this year's Faculty Award 2019 from the Faculty of Philosophy of Kiel University (CAU). The prize is endowed with 1,000 euros. The staff member of the Department of Educational Research and Educational Psychology at the IPN completed her doctoral thesis in psychology under Prof. Dr. Olaf Köller (IPN) and Prof. Dr. Jens Möller (Institute for Educational Psychological Teaching and Learning Research, CAU) with the distinction "summa cum laude". The title of their dissertation is: "Predicting Academic Achievement: the Role and Interplay of Cognitive Ability, Personality Traits, and Motivation across Measures and Domains".

"In my dissertation I investigated the relationship between cognitive abilities and non-cognitive characteristics such as personality and motivation of students and their school performance. On the one hand, the focus was on the interaction of these characteristics and on the other hand, the role of different achievement measures in different achievement domains. Another focus was the systematic presentation of previous research results using large data sets," said Jennifer Meyer summarizing her work.

In addition to the faculty prizes, the gender research prize of 1,000 euros was again awarded this year to an outstanding dissertation related to gender research. Dr. Peter Wulff received the prize this year for his dissertation "Supporting young women's physics engagement - Evidence from an intervention in the context of the Physics Olympiad". At that time he worked as a member of the department of physics education at the IPN, but Peter Wulff now works at the physics education department of the University of Potsdam. He completed his doctoral thesis in physics under Prof. Dr. Knut Neumann (IPN) and Dr. Ilka Parchmann (IPN) with "magna cum laude".

"Women are still severely underrepresented in the school and university curriculum in physics. Even female students interested in physics often decide against a long-term commitment to physics. As part of my dissertation, I designed, implemented and evaluated a support program for female students interested in physics. I investigated to what extent the physics identity of the participating female students could be fostered. The results suggest that a fostering of important physics identity facets, such as the feeling of a sense of belonging to physics, could be achieved to some extent through targeted environmental design," states Peter Wulff.

We congratulate on these excellent contributions!

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