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IPN offers lecture in epigenetics for senior class students

26. Januar 2017

On January 26, 2017 a group of the Hans-Geiger-Gymnasium’s 12th-grade students from Ellerbek (Kiel) visited the IPN for an introduction to epigenetics.

Are our eating habits affecting our genes? What prompts a plant to develop blossoms? Can genes be influenced by a trauma?

Questions like these can be answered by epigenetics. This recently rediscovered field of research showed that the genetic code is just the very basic schematic of an organism.

The mechanisms of epigenetics describe the environmentally based regulation of the genotype and the consequent development of the phenotype.

These mechanisms play an important part in all DNA based processes, like regulating transcription, ensuring the genome’s stability, and accurate DNA replication.

In a lecture suited for a 12th grade audience, the students will be presented with selected aspects of epigenetics and its mechanisms.

This is followed by a demonstration introducing epigenetics through the techniques of restriction digest and agarose gel electrophoresis. The students will complete supplemental paperwork and will investigate the various ways to analyze the agarose gel. The class ends with a discussion of the results.


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