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Kids’ and Students‘ University opens its Doors once again in Kiel

9th November 2015

On Wednesday, 11th November, Kiel University will once again open its
doors for a younger generation of students; namely, children and young
teens between eight and twelve years of age. Altogether, five
fascinating lectures will be held between November and February 2016.
They will cover the mysterious stone giants from the Easter Islands,
adventurous diving expeditions, exploring Mars, chemical experiments
with jelly bears and what life is like when you work on a research ship.

The sixty-minute lectures take place on Wednesdays at the CAU Audimax. The 400 places are solely for budding young pupils – except for the Christmas lecture on 16th December, when adults are also allowed to participate. Tickets cost €1 each. Participants will receive a stamp card to keep track of the lectures they visited. Those who have visited to least four lectures can partake in a raffle when they submit their stamped card at the Kids’ University stand in the Audimax or send it to Kieler Forschungswerkstatt/ozean:labor, Am Botanischen Garten 14f, 24118 Kiel. There are prizes, such as books and material objects, to be won.

The Kids’ and Students’ University is organized by Kiel’s Cluster of Excellence “Future Ocean” and is supported by the Institute for Science and Mathematics Education as well as Kiel University.

Further information on the topics and ticket availability can be accessed under the following link:


Dr. Katrin Knickmeier, Exzellenzcluster „Ozean der Zukunft“
School programs
Tel.: 0431-880-3031 und 880-5914
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Friederike Balzereit, Exzellenzcluster „Ozean der Zukunft“
Head of Public Relations
Tel. 0431-880-3032
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