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Kieler Forschungswerkstatt offers new urban ecology program for 7 and 8 grade students: Urban Ecology: Kiel’s Secret Worlds

3. April 2017

7 and 8 graders use science experiments to explore their city.

Starting April 27th, 2017 the Forschungswerkstatt’s (link) geo:labor (link) offers a free afternoon program, “Kiel’s Secret Worlds”.

Every Thursday from 4 – 6 pm, 7 and 8 grade students interested in science have the opportunity to explore their city by conducting their own science experiments. What is the composition of Kiel’s soil and water? Is there still undeveloped land and what plants live there? Do animals live there as well? The students will investigate these and other questions, assisted by the Forschungswerkstatt’s science staff.

Our goal is to introduce young people to science and strengthen their interest in these fields” Dr Katrin Schöps, head of the geo:labor, explains. “We deliberately chose the Kiel city limits as the object of investigation. For the students this is a well-known area that they identify with, yet in everyday life there are hidden worlds waiting to be discovered.”

The program teaches students the scientific methods to investigate soil and water, as well as the animals living within the city limits. Jointly they will conduct experiments in the laboratory and head out to take samples and measurements. Then the students will create their own research project, which they will conduct by themselves or in small groups. The geo:labor’s staff will assist them with analysis kits, literature, equipment, like professional measuring devices, and general expertise.

Registration for the urban ecology program, “Kiel’s Secret Worlds” is open now. The program is free.

Additional information and registration (required):

Afternoon program: “Kiel’s Secret Worlds”

Starting April 27th, 2017; Thursdays 4 – 6 pm

Kieler Forschungswerkstatt, geo:labor, Am Botanischen Garten 14 f, Kiel


Contact and registration:

Dr Katrin Schöps
Wilfried Wentorf
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phone: 0431-880-5912

About the Kieler Forschungswerkstatt:

The Kieler Forschungswerkstatt is a student laboratory and out-of-school learning opportunity provided jointly by Kiel University and the IPN. It addresses numerous topics from marine science, energy, and environment to nanotechnology.

The main purpose of the Forschungswerkstatt is educational; Training and continued education for teachers, enrichment for gifted students, and also to foster the academic development of the general student body. The geo:labor offers students grade 5 to 13 programs on the topic “earth as our natural habitat”. This entails questions about soil, agricultural crops, climate zones, environmental adaptation of plants, and the impact humans have on different environments. The approach is an interdisciplinary one, covering geology, ecology, physics, biology, and chemistry.

For more information on all programs offered by the Forschungswerkstatt:

The afternoon program “Kiel’s Secret Worlds” is supported by “BINGO! – die Umweltlotterie”.