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NDR inspired by Physics Olympiad Experiment

July 13th, 2016

NDR Presenters, Tim Berendonk (left) and Eike Hellberg, IPN, (right)

In the context of filming „Plietsch im Urlaub“, the NDR visited the Physics Olympiad and the Kiel research workshop. Tim Berendonk, the NDR presenter wanted to find out how much the sea level would rise if the entire world population went bathing simultaneously. In order to find this out, 11 volunteers had to swim in the swimming pool at the university sportforum.

Tim got his idea for the experiment from one of the IPhO tasks. One of the tasks from the first IPhO round has to do with the sea level. In one of the accompanying booklets for this round, you can find interesting tasks relating to this topic. The booklet also contains suggestions for a (theoretical) solution to Tim’s question.

Those who are interested in a practical solution can view the result of the NDR experiment on 6th August in the “Plietsch im Urlaub” NDR programme

P.S. Students interested in partaking in the first round of the Physics Olympiad can still particiate. The closing date for the tasks is 13th September 2016. . Further information can be found under the following link: