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PISA Symposium 2015 in Berlin

30th November 2015

Location: Landesvertretung Schleswig-Holstein, In den Ministergärten 8, 10117 Berlin

Date: 07. December 2015, 11:00 h

A nationwide symposium on PISA, the OECD program for International Student Assessment, will be held on 7th December 2015 in Berlin. Since 2000 an assessment is being carried out every three years to analyze how well students from participating states are prepared to deal with challenges of the knowledge society. PISA concentrates on analyzing key and fundamental competencies, which are equally important for individual learning and life opportunities as they are for social, political and economic developments. The study deals, first and foremost, with the three competency areas: natural sciences, literacy and numerical skills. In the context of PISA, findings will also be presented regarding connections between the mentioned competencies, social and cultural origins as well as educational environments.

IPN, the Centre for International Student Assessment (ZiB) and the journal, School Management are organizing the symposium. There, key findings of the PISA Assessments 2000 to 2012 will be summarized and the initiated improvements will be discussed among invited guests from different educational bodies.

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Contact: Dr Ute Ringelband
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