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Registration now open for the Annual University in Sankelmark

18. May 2016

Together with Kiel University, the ministry for Schools and Vocational Training and the Institute for Educational Development in Schools in Schleswig-Holstein (IQSH) are organizing the 9th Summer University in Schleswig-Holstein for teachers. It is taking place between 25th – 27th August 2016 in the Sankelmark Academy. This year the focus is on “Language and Communication in Class”.

Language is a necessary prerequisite for learning in schools. At the same time, students’ language development has a strong impact on their achievements in the individual school subjects and requires language-sensitive subject teaching. Every subject has its own specific technical terminology; however, there are also groups of subjects such as the natural sciences, which partly use the same language; however, certain aspects keep them differentiated from each other. Bilingual learning, on the other hand, offers teachers other challenges and opportunities from the perspective of language and subject when teaching and learning. Reading and writing also require an interaction with language and communicative processes.

The topic “Language and Communication in Class” is approached using different facets in impulse presentations with discussions and several workshops.

Program  (in German)

Katrin Gutzmann
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