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Schleswig-Holstein Minister of Education Pays Tribute to the Work of the IPN

23. Februar 2018

Teacher training: Schleswig-Holstein benefits from the IPN

"Schleswig-Holstein is a good location to receive teacher training and a good location to later teach" the Minister of Education Karin Prien said yesterday at the Spring Teacher Education Projects of Kiel University (CAU) promoting the teaching profession and teacher training. Thanks to the federal-state funded program „Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung“, the Kiel University project „Lehramt mit Perspektive“ will receive €3.5 million support by 2019 to further improve the quality of teacher education.

"Nowadays students in teaching professions are better prepared for the teaching profession than in the past." This is due in part to the universities which support the interests of the student teachers in the centers for teacher education. But course contents have also changed.Strengthening teaching methodology, an increased practical relevance and the inclusion of cross-cutting topics such as inclusion, heterogeneity or media literacy contribute to the absence of the notorious reality shock after graduation", said the Minister.

She emphasized that teacher training at both Kiel and the Flensburg European University has long benefited from the fact that the nationally recognized Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN) is based in Schleswig-Holstein. "The Institute stands for 50 years of outstanding educational research in Schleswig-Holstein and beyond. And it stands for the successful interaction of educational policy and educational research." Schleswig-Holstein is increasingly becoming a stronghold of teacher education and educational research.

Source: Thomas Schunck, Press Office of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture Schleswig-Holstein